XTM rolls out “Today” to three more restaurant chains for digital staff payment

Canada-based fintech XTM has partnered with three new US restaurant chains to launch its “Today” solution for same-day staff payments.

The Today solution consists of a mobile app, digital account and debit card providing operators and servers with the benefits associated with immediate access to tips. With same-day payout, servers have the ability to access their funds same-day to perform point-of-sale transactions, pay bills, make peer-to-peer transfers, and take advantage of upcoming local cashback rewards from XTM . Restaurant owners benefit from incentivized employees and improved time and attendance.

Restaurant groups that join the Today program are located across the United States and growing. XTM and its restaurant customers will be rolled out in phases over the next 60 days for a smooth transition and to build momentum with staff and zero friction for operations. Restaurants will be named upon completion of the full rollout.

Company officials said XTM is working to create a solution that is viable and equally attractive in the US as it is in Canada. With their solution to digitize staff payments, they support restaurateurs with a free and transparent platform that reduces the need for non-revenue generating activities, allowing them to focus on customer satisfaction.