TikTok lays off its marketing and sales staff

TikTok is the latest company to lay off employees, giving the pink slip to part of its North American global business solutions team.

TikTok has been the social media platform to beat, growing at a pace that puts its former rivals to shame. Despite its growth and the revenue it generates, the company has laid off a number of employees responsible for sales, advertising and marketing. The company says those who have been made redundant can apply for other jobs within the company.

People who spoke with Business Intern said they knew of at least 20 people who were made redundant, but they did not specify how many were affected in total.

“I didn’t expect this,” said one laid-off person. “Mostly because of the revenue TikTok brought in from ads last year. So it was a bit sudden.

Taylor Cohen, global industry strategist at TikTok, confirmed via LinkedIn that she was one of those included in the layoffs.

“After two years at TikTok as a Global Creative Strategist, I was included in part of the layoffs this week,” she wrote. “I will miss working with some of the best people in the industry and I wish all my colleagues the best!”

Initiated says the layoffs are part of a broader attempt by the company to see exactly what elements it can cut and remain efficient. If true, it may indicate that more layoffs are yet to come.