This Week’s Best Nordstrom Rack Selling Items

When I visit a Nordstrom rack near Houston, I feel like I’m doing more than just visiting a store; it is a sanctuary! Few stores offer the high-quality retail therapy that a nearby Nordstrom rack can, and few compare in terms of the value you can get for your money. From discounted Gucci fashion shows to Vince Camuto and Madewell wardrobe staples, a Nordstrom Rack sale has designer deals for everyone and every budget.

No matter which of the five Nordstrom Rack Houston locations you visit, scouring the sales floor for great deals can take time. Not all of us have the luxury of shopping and antiquing for hours, and it can sometimes be difficult to know how to find the best deals. Luckily, our local curators are the savvy shopping pals you’ve always dreamed of having, and every week they scour what’s on sale at Nordstrom Rack to bring you all the best finds in no time!

For tips on how to find the best deals, keep reading below for tips from our curators!

Best Deals For Women From The Nordstrom Sale

84% off

Several sizes still available.


See the full selection of Nordstrom women’s sale clothing here.

VINCE CAMUTO Sandal Jaquell Slide

Select sizes and styles starting at $10.48

See the full selection of Nordstrom Rack shoes for women here.

VINCE CAMUTO Bonnie Small Shoulder Bag

62% off


See the full selection of Nordstrom Rack handbags on sale here.

SUZY LEVIAN Sapphire Halo Ring in Sterling Silver

Over $500 Off


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VALENTINO 53mm Cat Eye Sunglasses

75% off


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Best Men’s Deals From Nordstrom Sale


$80 off


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ROBERT GRAHAM Rebel Embossed Slip-On Sneaker

Select styles and sizes up to 72% off


See the full selection of Nordstrom Rack shoes for men here.

CITIZEN Axiom BL6000-55E Men's Watch with Stainless Steel Mesh Strap, 26mm

65% off


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GUCCI 59mm Aviator Sunglasses

Save over $400


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The best home items under $20 during the Nordstrom Rack sale

SORBUS Removable Round Metal Wine Rack

TRINKETREE Cotton Rose Organizer Bowl

30% off


LOVETHYBEAST Rainbow Tie-Dye Dog T-Shirt

Rebarkable savings for the whole family!


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Tips for Finding the Best Deals at Nordstrom Rack in Houston or Online

If you’ve visited any of the Nordstrom Rack Houston locations, say Nordstrom Rack Katy or the Nordstrom Rack in the Willowbrook mall, you’ve probably noticed that they have a plethora of inventory, which is both a blessing and a curse ! We like to save time and money, so if you’re in our camp, keep these tips in mind to get the best value at any Nordstrom Rack in Houston, or when shopping online. on their website:

Best price vs best offer

There are two ways to save at Nordstrom Rack in Houston: by buying the best price or by buying the best deal. What is the difference? The fun of buying things at a Nordstrom Rack sale is that you have access to simple items at low prices – think wardrobe basics like camisoles, t-shirts and underwear for $20 or less – but you also have the option to shop name brands and high-end designer items at a fraction of their retail price, which we categorize as the best deals.

Buy a Nordstrom Rack sale in store at the best price

If you’re looking for inexpensive retail therapy, you’ll want to focus on finding items that have the lowest price tags. When entering a Nordstrom rack in Houston, check first for any clearance racks; these will have the cheapest items, and you may also find deals from rough diamond designers. They’re often organized by size, so you can jump right to the section of the clearance rack that’s right for you and have a look at it for whatever takes your fancy.

Beyond the clearance rack, if you’re looking for low-priced items, you’ll want to look for buildable wardrobe staples like t-shirts, tank tops, and their activewear is also often heavily discounted. and affordable.

At any Nordstrom Rack sale in Houston, you’ll also find a fantastic selection of discounted shoes, accessories, and health and beauty products. Shoes at Nordstrom Rack Houston stores are organized by size, so similar to clothing, you can browse all of the styles on sale in your size fairly quickly.

Nordstrom Rack selling accessories often have their own bin, which can admittedly be a little messy, but all the cheaper items are at least in one place. Browse wallets, cardholders, bracelets and bags to find the perfect piece or two for less.

Shop a Nordstrom Rack sale in store for the best deals

The best deals of any Nordstrom Rack sale come in the form of designer deals. These items won’t necessarily have the lowest prices in the store, but the quality and savings are second to none. If you can afford something truly luxurious and durable, here’s how to get the most bang for your buck at any Nordstrom Rack in Houston:

Look for racks labeled as designer, runway, or a particular brand you like. This is where you’ll find high-end clothing for a fraction of their retail price. Sure, you might end up spending $100-$200, but for items priced above $500, with some approaching $1,000, you get an impressive and durable garment that’s expertly crafted at a price unbelievable.

In terms of accessories, whether you’re at the Nordstrom Rack Houston Galleria or a standalone Nordstrom Rack in Houston, you’ll find designer accessories in storefronts sometimes up to 80% off: think things like Louis scarves Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo wallets, and other high-end brands that normally cost a fortune!

Houston Nordstrom Rack stores typically carry a wide selection of easy-to-spot designer sunglasses and handbags. Designer shoes are separate from regular shoes in any Nordstrom Rack sale; they’ll be labeled as such and organized by size, and that’s where you can find Gucci slides or the perfect red Christian Louboutin heels you’ve always dreamed of at prices that will make you laugh all the way to the bank!

Buy Nordstrom Rack Sale Online

There’s nothing like shopping therapy in the comfort of your own home! The same principles of in-person shopping at Nordstrom Rack in Houston apply, except the process becomes even easier. Repeat after me: filters are our friends!

To find the cheapest items in an online Nordstrom Rack sale, simply choose the department you want to buy and filter by “Price: Lowest to Highest”. This will give you all the items in that category ordered from cheapest to most expensive, and where you can find things at low prices.

To find the items that offer the best deal, click on the department you want to buy and filter by “percentage off”. On June 7, I filtered through women’s pants by percentage off and found a pair of Vince Wide Leg Pants 88% off the original price of $1,295.00. Now that’s a lot!

If you just want to browse Nordstrom Rack’s entire sale selection, click Clearance and you’ll be able to see all of their current markdowns, good, bad, and ugly. You can filter further with the left bar column in any combination of ways to narrow the selection or try to find specific items you hope to get at a discount.

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