These garage sale items will make you the most money

Cleaning up trash in your home can earn you extra money, especially if you have the right items.

To make the most of your time, focus on selling in-demand items. Here are a few things you can sell that might help you earn some extra cash.

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1. Clothes

Clothing is one of the most important and sought-after finds at a garage sale. You might not get much for each individual piece, but selling multiple items can add up.

Consider pairing items, like a shirt and leggings for a single price, to move merchandise faster.

2. Tools

You might not need a drill set or those screwdrivers and hammers in a bag, but they could be a great find for someone building a toolbox.

You can get a good amount of money for some tools, depending on their quality.

3. Video Games

Of course, there are gamers who want the latest and greatest. But there are also plenty of gamers looking for a bargain or trying to get hold of new games for their classic systems.

So you could get a good price for your games even if they are used.

4. Books

Clean out your shelves and put all those books outside for potential readers. Books are another one of those items that probably won’t fetch a high price per book, but can get you more money in bundles.

Readers might be willing to grab several at once for their collection. And if you can’t get rid of them, try donating them to your local library.

5. Arts

Paintings, canvas pictures, and even framed posters can sell out quickly, depending on their appearance and condition.

When setting a price for each item, consider the size, condition and popularity of the item.

6. Small appliances

Things like blenders, mixers, and toasters can net you a good return. Like the other items on this list, they can be attractive to buyers because they are expensive to buy new.

As a bonus, these devices are easy to carry around the house.

7. Electronics

Old electronics — from computers to smartphones and tablets — could attract bargain hunters.

Be careful when selling these items so as not to put your private information at risk. Do a factory reset for some items, disconnect them from online accounts and don’t forget to remove SIM cards from phones.

8. Folders

Vinyl records are making a comeback with music lovers. In fact, $1 billion worth of vinyl records were sold in 2021, making it the best year for vinyl since 1986, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

Collectors seek out old vinyl records, and garage sales are a great place to sell old vinyl that you no longer want to keep.

9. Bar stools

Kitchen renovations and new homes today often include counter space perfect for bar stools.

You may have retro bar stools that have been sitting in your basement for years or newer kitchen counter height stools that you are ready to get rid of.

Pro tip: If your garage sale is a big success, consider using some of the proceeds to write off old debts.

10. Craft Supplies

Have you tried taking up a hobby that just wasn’t right for you? Or are you overwhelmed with fabrics, yarns and scrapbooking supplies?

Reduce your crafting corner and put those extra items up for sale. You’ll be happy to get rid of some of the old stuff so you can use the money you earn to buy other supplies.

11. Toys

Children grow and grow because of their interest in certain things. So get those old toys out of your playroom and sell them, especially the ones that are still in good condition.

You might also want to make sure things like puzzles or Lego sets have all their pieces.

12. Sports equipment

If old pairs of cleats or golf clubs are gathering dust, sell them. These items can be pricey for someone buying them new, which means buyers may be on the lookout for bargains at garage sales.

At the end of the line

Garage sales are great opportunities to add extra savings to your bank account. But don’t expect every article to be a smash hit.

So you might want to think about what you can do with the things that aren’t selling. There may be charities in the area that can take it. You can also give it away or publish it online for free.

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