The Locale publishes CCTV image of sneaky thief who stole valuables from staff during nighttime raid

CCTV footage of a thief who stole valuables from the staff of a downtown bar during a late Friday night robbery were shared online by its irate owners.

The bosses of The Locale at Glasgow say the hooded culprit broke into the bar via the fire escape before swiping several bags and jackets around 11:20 p.m.

The owners shared a photo of the thief on Facebook in order to identify them.

Talk to Glasgow Livebosses said: “At 11:20 p.m. Friday night, a hooded man entered the bar through the fire escape and fled with several bags and jackets containing a laptop, AirPods, passports and silver inside.

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“Unfortunately, as the bar was full and we were extremely busy, we didn’t realize the theft had taken place until 1am and by then they were long gone.

“Some jackets were left in the alley behind the bar.”

The bar shared a photo of the thief in an effort to identify him

General manager Max Conor said there would be a “nice” reward for anyone who helps the team recover their items.

“Great reward for anyone who can give us information leading to the return of stolen property,” he said.

One of the stolen laptops was located in Maryhill while Eva’s Airpods were located up Dumbarton Road.

“We ask anyone reading this to look for a gray 15 inch MacBook Pro for sale, it has an Arabic keyboard so should be easy to spot.

“If anyone sees these items for sale online or elsewhere please contact the bar on 01412219036.”

Police Scotland are investigating the theft.