Service experience: Tata Safari vs Mahindra Thar

I’d choose Tata over Mahindra any day, here’s why!

BHPian Neil Roy recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi all, Regarding my previous posts, I give below my other observations and especially my service comparison with Mahindra. Mods, if this post seems inappropriate, please delete it. I have traveled 14,500 km on Safari and now I am starting to understand how to handle the beast and get the most out of it. I now maintain a speed of 60 km / h in 3rd gear or 80 km / h in 4th gear for 20 minutes for the DPF to be cleared. As for NVH, I also found it to be very high when Safari pushed aggressively. In fact, it was more about noise and no real performance on the pedal-to-metal type of ride. However, treat her gently and she continues to nibble for miles without a problem. 100-110 km / h is the sweet spot.

I have the 2019 Mahindra Thar model aka Thar 700 which has driven 40,000 km so far and is covered by an extended warranty. Therefore, my comparison of SSA is based purely on my experiences and is not intended to offend anyone. On December 2, I gave the Thar for a 40,000 km routine overhaul. Immediately I started receiving updates on WhatsApp from Mahindra Hamesha along with the job card details. As there was an abnormal noise from the engine, I asked the SA to inquire as well. From there, things started to go downhill. It has been 18 days and now the SA has informed me that some spare parts were not available and hence the delay. The reason for Mahindra’s delay is inexplicable as the rocker arm assembly is not made to order. Compared to Tata where there was initial lethargy, I would choose Tata over Mahindra on any day given recent events and how they unfolded. In fact, I get regular updates from the upper echelons of Tata and TAFE asking about my experience after the DPF issue.

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