Saw Ranking 101: Sales, Service and Success

In our current economy, I’ll hazard a guess, most readers have or will make major purchases of supply or cap-ex for their archive room. Although a sawyer cannot make the final decision, ultimately he or she is responsible for ensuring that what has been purchased works for the benefit of the department and the entire operation.

When we buy saws, filing room equipment and spare parts or supplies, we like to think that our purchases are supported by suppliers. With most major purchases, there is a lot of thought, research and paperwork involved in the process. But beware, many factories are set up for online shopping or min/max scheduling set by a buying agent.

What controls do you have in place to ensure that there is customer service and help with the product after the sale? I realize that the factory purchasing agent has to do the work of getting quotes and ordering items. However, the success of filing room purchases usually rests on the shoulders of the filer. Most depositors have their reference providers. A registrant will most likely choose a supplier that they know will help them before, during and after delivery.

A sawmill’s cutting tools such as bandsaws, circular saws and cutters are common purchases. Registrants know what to expect from suppliers. Most depositors depend on these vendors to help them know the products, ensure consistent quality and availability. Many applicants will call on the expertise of a supplier for design changes such as rotational speed or feed rates or when issues arise such as cracks or failures during execution. If problems arise with any of the saws, knives or cutting tools, most suppliers want to know about it and quickly. Some suppliers may even send a representative to the factory to review the issues with the submitter, helping to determine if it is a factory issue or a cutting tool issue. In my opinion, all vendors strive to provide a good product and correct issues when they arise.

Filers tend to be even more dependent on vendors when it comes to purchasing new filing room equipment. With all the new technology, every registrant could benefit from the experience of a well-trained service technician from the supplier. Although some filing room equipment can be purchased from multiple vendors, even for the same price, service during installation and after sale must be considered.

I’ve noticed that some filing rooms have the latest and most advanced filing equipment, but they may not be using all the technologies and programs available. Ask new suppliers to include a service contract with start-up and training in the quote.

Most manufacturers or their authorized dealers have service technicians available. These people or teams know how to make a success of your new start and the daily use of the equipment.

Some factory filing cabinets have been using the same filing room equipment for years. They have learned this equipment and know its capabilities. They will often choose what is familiar to them because they have the O&M knowledge. With the new advanced filing room equipment, there is a learning curve that needs to be addressed. Today, almost all new filing room equipment has a computer system. Even though experienced filers know the configuration with which saws and cutting tools are designed for their operations, they may need to marry their knowledge with an experienced service technician to help program this information into the grinder to get a saw, a perfectly finished knife or cut. tool.

A follow-up visit from the service technician after the initial start-up is often the most informative for registrants. Unless registrants are already familiar with the new machine, there will likely be a lot of questions after using the machine for about a week.

By working with the supplier of your choice, any new start-up can be an enjoyable and successful experience. Most depositors agree that a good salesperson will always be responsible for their products and equipment to ensure that the depositor is completely satisfied with the sale. After all, that’s what determines their next sale.

Paul Smith is owner and CEO of Smith Sawmill Service LLC with locations in Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina. Join it at [email protected]