Sales of new trucks, ongoing service

Heavy equipment is quickly at work building a new trucking center in Keyes, just east of Highway 99.

Grading and building permits were issued by Stanislaus County to construct a 39,715 square foot building at 4618 Nunes Road for the Keyes Truck Center, a tractor-trailer dealership that also services them.

Keyes Truck Center currently operates in the Ceres Industrial Area on Rockefeller Drive.

Originally the 17-acre site between Nunes and Keyes Roads and between Highway 99 and N. Golden State Boulevard, was rezoned from A-2-10 to PD 55 in 2006 to accommodate a Cherokee Plaza project of 50,000 square feet with a college beauty, restaurants and retail but never developed. In 2015, Belkorp Ag LLC received approval to build a new John Deere dealership on the northern part of the site, but later abandoned plans. The site was acquired for the new Keyes Truck Center. The project, however, was scaled down from Belkorp’s 57,000 square foot building.

Further development to the south is planned. According to Angela Freitas of the Stanislaus County Community Planning and Development Department, an application has been filed by Sanghera Investments to develop the 5.23-acre site south of the Keyes Truck Center site to serve as a truck terminal that facilitates fueling, parking, loading, and unloading for company-owned trucks and drivers on a 5.23-acre parcel. The application is undergoing environmental review and has not yet been forwarded to the County Planning Commission.

Sanghera’s application is for a rezoning of PD 302 (planned development) and A-2-10 (general agriculture) to a new PD zone allowing H-1 uses (freeway frontage). It was to be completed before the company worked on acquiring the site.

The site would be primarily accessible from N. Golden State Boulevard.

The Sanghera project will consist of four buildings, consisting of a:

•6,500 square foot building comprising offices, store and driver amenities on two floors;

• Workshop to be used for maintenance of light trucks and for driver’s rest, shower and laundry facilities;

• 6,000 square foot administrative building for truck dispatch, reception, security office, conference room, as well as restrooms and rest room for employees;

• A 3,900 square foot truck dock and a 94 square foot security kiosk.

The project proposes to enter into contracts with various agricultural producers and grocery stores for the transfer and delivery of goods throughout California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas.

There will be paved areas around the buildings and in the parking lot, but the rest of the site, including the truck parking lot, will be gravel.

The project proposes 13 employees on a maximum shift and 3 employees on a minimum shift. Drivers who report to the site arrive as needed to refuel or load and unload product. However, no product will be stored on site.

Approximately five to seven drivers will be on site each day. It is estimated that there will be a maximum of 10 trucks and 10 trailers parked at the facility at any one time, but the site will accommodate up to 60 trucks, which will be offsite making deliveries most of the time.

It is proposed that the office and workshop operate weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. However, trucks will have access to the facility at all times. In addition to parking spaces for 60 trucks, the facility will have parking spaces for 51 drivers and 16 office workers.

A reciprocal access agreement is offered between adjoining parcels to use shared access.

80-foot county-wide, N. Golden State Blvd.

The application includes plans for a 74-space parking lot and a one-acre drainage basin south of the proposed building.