Resident requests sign at Anderson intersection

ANDERSON, Mo. — Spring Street resident Noel Moore approached the Anderson Board of Aldermen Tuesday night to discuss the intersection of Walnut and Cedar streets.

Moore said on more than one occasion he encountered motorists traveling west on Cedar who assumed they had the right of way to continue on Walnut.

Moore asked council to consider appropriate signage in the area.

Public works director Ben Shoemaker said he was familiar with the intersection and suggested the faded traffic lines on the roadway be repainted.

The board assured Moore that action would be taken.

Cara Sherman and Robert Cornell updated the Board on the status of the Summer Prom schedule. Cornell said there have been 265 entries so far, creating 25 teams.

Sherman reported that $8,000 was raised to purchase new dashboards with $2,200 still needed.

Board member Don Hines asked City Clerk Andi Browning if the city could afford to cover the deficit to speed up the process. Browning said there were enough funds left in the Summer Rec fund.

The board voted to transfer $4,000 from Summer Rec to Summer Ball.

“You’ve come a long way in just a few weeks,” said board member Richard Cable.

Departmental reports

Mayor Rusty Wilson reported on behalf of Police Chief Dave Abbott, saying that since the last meeting the chief has ordered two new Tahoes which are expected to arrive in five weeks.

Shoemaker said he contacted the Missouri Rural Water Association for help locating a leak and found an area that was losing more than 250,000 gallons of water every day. Shoemaker noted that the city needed a portable water meter. He provided an estimate of $65.31 for a meter recommended by the association.

The council voted to approve the meter purchase on the condition that Shoemaker does not purchase the equipment until the end of the month.

Shoemaker also talked about the city’s red dump truck. He said the transmission was recently rebuilt, but he would like to sell the vehicle and lease a replacement equipped with a snowplow and sand spreader.

The council voted to sell the dump truck.

In other cases counsel:

• It was heard that the playground equipment for the ball diamond is expected to arrive in mid-May and work on the recreational trails will follow.

• Paid the quarterly workers’ compensation payment of $8,582.25.

• Invoices signed and approved in the amount of $191,107.10.