Reliable pre-owned sales service for all makes and models from Authorized Ford Dealers

I started proxy sales with selling my vehicle

Ford Otosan launched proxy selling with its new “Sell My Vehicle” service for vehicle owners who need professional support in used vehicle sales. As part of the service, vehicles are displayed online and in the used display areas of authorized dealers in the name of the vehicle owner, with Ford insurance, and are sold at their value.

Ford Otosan, the leading Turkish automotive industry company, has started providing vehicle owner power of attorney sales services to meet the growing need for professional assistance in used vehicle sales due to the overhead of work, time constraints, safety risks, lack of technological knowledge and health problems.

People who wish to sell their current vehicle to buy a new or used vehicle can benefit from the “Sell my vehicle” service by making an appointment with one of the dealers in the Used Ford dealer network. As part of the “Sell My Vehicle” service, the price of the vehicle is determined by calculating the current market value of the vehicle through an impartial used vehicle valuation system. Once the TSE-approved “F-Appraisal” process offered by authorized Ford dealers, regardless of model and make, and the selling price is determined, the proxy selling process begins. After cleaning, mini-repairs, and professional photography if necessary, the vehicle is showcased both online and in the dealership’s used car showroom.

Ford Otosan, which has provided all kinds of expert services, including paint, body, engine, mechanics, road tests, elevators and under-vehicle checks, to consumers through its Ford authorized dealers last year, with teams of experts in their fields, after the much-requested “F-expertise” service. added a new one to its services.