Power Technique promotes after-sales service excellence through e-learning distributor programs

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Atlas Copco Power Technique’s Service Division is committed to providing seamless after-sales service to ensure that customers’ machines are back up and running in no time, with minimal disruption to their productivity and production.

“That’s why we emphasize training, as well-trained technicians are key to achieving our service goals,” notes Douw van Schalkwyk, Power Technique’s Service Division Manager. “However, the training does not stop with our own technicians; we also deploy training programs for our distributors, which constitute an important route to market access. They are on the doorstep of our ever-expanding customer base, so it is imperative that we include them in our innovative training programs, enabling them to provide the full cycle of added value – from sales to maintenance.

These well-supported learning and development programs help improve the skill levels of dealers and their technicians when working with or using Atlas Copco machines, thereby boosting their confidence and abilities. Plus, fast and efficient service gets machines back up and running in no time, allowing customers to continue operating. “By equipping our distributors with the right knowledge through training, they are able to deliver the same excellent service and maintenance standards that Atlas Copco is known for,” notes Van Schalkwyk. “The overall result is that distributors will become experts in their respective fields and exceed customer needs.”

Van Schalkwyk says there has been a strong push since 2018/2019 to attract more distributors and technicians to the e-learning platform and begin their training journey. “Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been growing our distributors digitally, from an after-sales perspective. A total of 254 training programs have been successfully completed over the past two years and we are encouraged by the fact that we are seeing a marked increase in the percentage of participation. This shows that our distributors recognize the benefits these training programs bring to their businesses. »

The training programs, which were developed by the Learning Link division team, are part of Atlas Copco’s group-wide online training management system which offers a wide range of training activities. In addition to customized online skills programs and courses, learners and visitors also have access to 15,000 LinkedIn Learning courses and videos covering a wide range of topics, from business to automation and artificial intelligence.

The e-learning platform is easily accessible to 27 Atlas Copco Power Technique distributors based in South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius. “They can easily complete their training at a time that suits them best and we encourage our distributors to complete training at least once a month,” says Van Schalkwyk. “Training courses are usually pre-recorded and available on the system, which provides additional flexibility.” He adds that once the training is complete, distributors will be able to contact Atlas Copco’s customer and technical service teams for ongoing support.

The training programs are classified ‘Bronze, Silver and Gold’. Van Schalkwyk explains: “The Bronze level is about ‘doing what we are supposed to do well’ and creates a ‘quality service’ mindset; ‘Silver’ is about ‘process and quality improvement to better satisfy customers and includes the introduction of behaviors, tools and problem solving techniques; “Gold” represents world-class practice as a recognizable description of day-to-day activity in the organization. »

Bronze level training is done online while Silver and Gold courses should generally be hands-on training. There are nine online learning programs for distributors and technicians at the Bronze level, and the division began rolling out the Silver level training from October through November. Topics covered here include product safety training, training on relevant product groups, machine operation, basic application knowledge, etc.

Van Schalkwyk concludes: “We encourage our distributors, their technicians and all other stakeholders to embrace our learning culture and enrich their knowledge and skills base. By keeping abreast of new product and technology developments and innovations, we can, together with our distributors, provide best-in-class after-sales service.