Motivosity lets employees share what they think of your company

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Great business owners think outside the box. Even if they don’t turn a profit to hand out big pay raises, entrepreneurs need to find other ways to show their best employees their appreciation. For example, they could offer tangible benefits like more vacation time or a smarter work-life balance. Alternatively, investing in a team member’s professional future can yield positive results. These include providing clearer career paths for some and improving the transparency of corporate affairs for others. And for many people, something as simple as “Thank you for a job well done” goes a long way.

Communication is at the heart of many successful teams, and understands it. The company’s customizable employee engagement platform is centered around gratitude, positivity, and respect between organizations and their people. With Motivosity, business leaders and managers can engage and while providing the means to provide feedback.

Once your company onboards its employees to Motivosity, they have the opportunity to have their voices heard. In return, management can strengthen the bond and help its best workers feel appreciated and engaged. With the platform’s Connect functionality, each user creates their profile, which is a social network-like showcase that can provide personality profiles, share experiences, and interact with other colleagues on common interests.

If you have remote team members, Connect allows them to build relationships with users in different offices and regions about their love for cooking, travel, or even Marvel movies, to name a few- one. And with its interactive social feed, Motivosity acts as a forum to thank colleagues for delivering outstanding presentations, planning fun office parties, or simply celebrating their greatness.

Those “thanks” turn into tangible benefits with Recognize. This enables companies to engage their staff through influencer currency, allowing users to recognize themselves with an attached dollar, which they can accumulate and redeem via ThanksMatters rewards and hundreds of card options- giveaways from retailers like Target, eBay, Nike and more. Alternatively, your employees can donate their funds to their favorite charities.

Managers can get involved using Lead, which focuses on . Supervisors can schedule regular one-on-one interviews with their direct reports. Meanwhile, Lead provides space to organize priorities, share notes and agendas, and link them to ongoing projects for full transparency of expectations and progress. Team leaders are also encouraged to send their thanks to their subordinates after their meetings while the accomplishments and thoughts are still fresh in their minds.

Finally, Listen allows managers and business owners to take an active role in understanding what their employees think about the state of the organization. Motivosity provides tools to create satisfaction surveys, report tracking and more, giving leaders continuous feedback on team guidelines. There are even customizable exit interview templates, which can reveal why a worker is leaving and what the company can do to improve in the future.

According to Motivosity, its platform’s interface and engaging features have helped businesses achieve an average monthly usage rate of 95%. It even generated an average rating of 4.8 out of five stars from over 1,800 reviews on Capterra, G2 Crowd, and Google Reviews.

Enterprise stakeholders can try out everything Motivosity has to offer with .

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