Mercedes-Benz India launches new retail service for customers

Mercedes-Benz India has announced a new strategy in its retail business in India, moving to the more customer-centric “Direct To Customer” model called “Retail of the Future”. The Indian arm of the German automaker will now own the entire inventory of cars, sell them through designated dealers, invoice new cars directly to its customers, process the order and fulfill them, and offer pricing and shopping experience. to customers. The dealership will take care of establishing and maintaining contact with customers, developing the market and facilitating the sale of Mercedes-Benz cars.

Martin Schwenk, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, said: “One of the main reasons for introducing ‘Retail of the Future’ is to create an enhanced luxury shopping experience for our customers. It will also offer a win-win solution for customers and our dealers, underscoring our clear vision for a sustainable, empowering and digital future. “

The changes to the “Retail of the Future” strategy for the customer include a price directly offered by Mercedes-Benz, the cars will be invoiced directly by Mercedes-Benz India and not by the dealers, and a very purchasing process. simplified which is complicated -free. For dealers, the new retail model will help them reduce inventory costs and allow them to meet specific customer needs with a single centralized system that provides access to a larger fleet of stock cars. Mercedes-Benz India will be responsible for the centralized management of the sale price of all new cars, the possession and management of the entire stock of new cars, as well as the processing and fulfillment of the order, thus reducing delivery times.

Schwenk added, “Dealers will continue to be representatives of the brand, maintaining their close relationships with customers and striving to provide the best customer experience in the market. It also allows Mercedes-Benz to remain customer-obsessed and to remain a pioneering brand ready for the future, ahead of its time. “

The new retail model only applies to new cars, not to those already reserved or sold through dealers. However, dealers will continue to provide after-sales service, remain brand representatives in the market, be responsible for developing customer relationships, continue to manage the operational processing of customer interactions, and continue marketing activities. retail at the local level.

The new “Retail of the Future” service was first introduced in India, providing better luxury shopping experience for customers. The new retail service will be implemented in India from the fourth quarter of 2021.