Marubeni Corporation – Launched Demonstration Project for Long-Term Electricity Sales Service of Rooftop Solar PV Systems with Battery Power Systems on Amami Oshima Island

Marubeni Company (hereinafter, “Marubeni“) has started a demonstration project (hereinafter, the “Demonstration”) of a long-term electricity sales service of rooftop solar photovoltaic systems with battery systems on Amami Oshima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Remote islands, which are not connected to the mainland power grid, depend on thermal power generation for most of their electricity production due to its ease of adjustment of their power supplies and advantages in in terms of costs, resulting in a large amount of CO2 emissions. In addition, compared to the mainland, remote islands have smaller electricity grids and renewable energy sources, whose electricity production varies according to weather conditions, can easily destabilize the supply-demand balance in the grids. islanders.

Therefore, Marubeni leads the demonstration with the aim of making renewables the main source of energy on remote islands. In the demonstration, solar photovoltaic systems will be installed on the roofs or parking lots of several facilities on Amami Oshima Island at no upfront cost to facility owners, and the generated electricity will be sold to the respective facilities on the basis of a long-term power purchase agreement. In addition, Marubeni verify and assess the feasibility of providing a supply-to-demand adjustment function by remotely controlling the storage batteries that are installed next to the solar PV system, for example, by discharging the energy charged in the battery of the solar PV system when the electric system does not have enough power.

Marubeni has established cooperative relations with Nextems Corporationwhich is engaged in similar electricity sales projects on remote islands Okinawa Prefectureand Takeyama Sangyo Corporationwhich develops renewable energies on Amami Oshima Islandand will continue discussions for the commercialization of this project.

Marubeni has positioned the strengthening and expansion of green businesses as a core policy in its medium-term management strategy announced in February 2022. As part of this strategy, Marubeni encourage distributed power generation, battery storage and supply and demand adjustment projects on remote islands. Marubeni also aims to extend this activity not only to the remote islands of Japanbut also in remote areas such as mountainous regions and overseas islands.

(C) Electronic news edition 2022, source ENP Newswire