Latest tractor innovation ensures the standard is set for after-sales service

[PRESS OFFICE] Tractor Outdoor recently launched an after-sales service platform that streamlines its production process, ensuring that the level of service it provides to its customers remains consistently high.

Developed in partnership with a private developer and led by Tractor Outdoor’s National Operations Manager, Troy Niddrie, the system – dubbed “Protractor” – integrates the media owner’s production and operations departments.

Niddrie explains, “In OOH, production is extremely administratively intensive work.

“Important information and updates need to be continuously communicated to various stakeholders such as customers and suppliers. It is extremely important that there are no oversights or stray bullets in this feedback loop, as this can lead to major issues in the production deployment.

Niddrie explains that this process was previously handled manually and was extremely laborious and time-consuming, while normal human error sometimes led to production delays.

“We engaged the developer to tailor-build a platform for us that would allow us to circumvent these barriers, ensuring consistency across all of our operations so that we could provide high-quality service to our customers.”

Ben Harris, managing director of Tractor Outdoor, says OOH and digital out-of-home (DOOH) production has a specific process flow that must be followed in order for a job to be completed on time. “ProTractor has essentially automated and simplified these steps, acting as a central clearinghouse for all job details, as well as a communication tool.

The system offers a complete record of each media site. With one click, it can generate a production quote, job card, or flight proof and send it to relevant parties, notifying stakeholders of work progress in real time.

It can also capture site data on flights or when site maintenance is performed, allowing the user to receive immediate feedback.

Harris explains that the main benefit is the assurance for the company that all processes have been duly followed and that nothing will “fall through the cracks”. For clients, they have the peace of mind of knowing exactly where their work is in the system. “They don’t need to follow up on a task by phone or email; they can simply log in to see exactly where a task is at any given time, he explains.

Harris concludes: “We view each of our clients as a partner. By remaining truly customer-centric, we can better meet their needs; design our processes and invest in systems that keep them always at the forefront.


Established nearly two decades ago, Tractor Outdoor is a national Out of Home (OOH) media owner, specializing in connecting brands to consumers through its traditional and digital inventory network, as well as transit networks. and its ambient platforms. Tractor Outdoor has one of the largest digital OOH networks in South Africa and is a member of the Outdoor Measurement Council (OMC), Out of Home Media South Africa (OHMSA) and Interactive Advertising Bureau South Africa (IAB SA).

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