‘It’s not a store, it’s a boutique’ – Havaianas sales staff reportedly refuse to let 76-year-old woman sit down to rest –

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A netizen wrote an open letter on Facebook to Havaianas after an unpleasant experience at his Tampines Mall branch.

Mr Hafiz Juremi wrote on Thursday (September 29) that a sales staff refused to let his 76-year-old grandmother take a short break from sitting on the sofa at the outlet because, as explained the staff member, “it’s not a store, it’s a boutique”.

His post about “such a horrible experience” went viral, with over 500 people sharing it.

The company has since apologized, Stomp reported Sept. 30. TISG has contacted Havaianas and Mr. Hafiz for comment.

He wrote that the incident happened on September 28 (Wednesday) around 6:30 p.m. He asked a member of staff for permission for his grandmother to “quickly rest after walking” on a couch at the outlet.

“Your staff refused my favor saying ‘will it be long?’ I replied “not for long while I get something from Isetan”.

At this point, my grandmother was already sitting on the couch.

I was about to find something in Isetan while my sister needed to change her baby diapers and as the toilets were relatively far away we thought it would be good for my 76 year old grandmother to take a break from walking and using the couch helps a bit,” he added.

The sales staff, however, said his boss would not allow “such a thing to happen in the store”, which greatly surprised Mr Hafiz.

He then told the staff he could explain the situation to the boss that his grandmother just needed to sit down while he and his sister left briefly and he would be back to buy a pair of slippers.

Mr. Hafiz also pointed out that the store was empty and that his “76-year-old grandmother will not scare the invisible customer from your store… I don’t see why my grandmother couldn’t use the sofa to some help”.

The member of staff, however, allegedly refused to back down and told them that the grandmother would be allowed to sit on the couch “only if you buy the shoes from my store”.

Mr. Hafiz then asked why this rule was established and who implemented it.

“She then gave me the worst reason I’ve ever heard ‘because this isn’t a store, this is a boutique,'” he wrote.

“Really?! Even CHARLES & KEITH will let us sit on the couch even if we’re just trying out their product. Let alone, I think Crocs will even let an elderly person sit on their couch even if she won’t buy any of their products,” he added.

The woman allegedly continued to exhibit negative behavior, “being totally disrespectful and stamping her feet in the back room”, while saying “ahh annoying” about the situation.

When Mr Hafiz asked to speak to a manager, she told him she was the manager of the store, which surprised him, as she showed “no humanity and empathy, especially towards an elderly person “.

He said his grandmother limped out of the Havaianas branch, but luckily found a place to rest at an “FNB outlet across from Cotton On,” where she was graciously offered a chair “as well. long as she would need it to be able to have the energy to walk again. Or at least go home.

Mr Hafiz added that his grandmother had apologized to the Havaianas staff, but he felt the company owed her an apology.

“In fact, apologizing won’t even repay the damage I caused to my elderly grandmother!

I really wished she could help, but in my opinion, if any of you wanted to sit on Havaianas and weren’t planning on buying one of their products, don’t, because the only help that you get is humiliation.

So to the staff at Tampines Havainas, if you think you want to call yourself a “boutique” you might want to reconsider that!” /TISG

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