Investing in people in a volatile economy is the best bet for these companies S’pore

This amounts to an average of $3,000 per staff member. It’s an investment that has helped the Singapore-based company retain staff when most businesses struggle with a shrinking workforce.

“ONE’s annual staff turnover is less than 8%, which is significantly lower than the industry average,” said Ms. Tay Ai Lin, Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources.

Its global employee engagement score – a measure of work engagement – was 83% last year, higher than the national average of 60% based on a 2021 study by research firm Qualtrics.

“We must have done something right over the past two years, especially during the pandemic,” says Ms Tay, 53. “We were able to attract, develop and retain our employees.”

grow as one

To retain staff, ONE – the world’s seventh largest container line – is actively making jobs more attractive, says Ms Tay.

His solution? ONE Academy: Launched in August, aims to strengthen connections and cultivate a sense of belonging through a series of engagement activities, and improve the training framework for leadership, soft skills, functional skills and talent development.

The company also has an e-learning platform where employees can access succinct modules designed to advance their careers.

With defined competencies for staff at all levels and functions, talented employees can develop the skills needed to excel in their roles and equip themselves with knowledge in emerging areas, such as technology and sustainability.

For example, staff can learn data skills that align with ONE’s digitization plans – such as building an e-commerce platform – or undertake green strategy projects to achieve its zero emissions goal. net by 2050.

ONE also has an internal mobility policy to offer employees career development opportunities. Since last April, around fifty employees based in Singapore have been transferred to new departments to support their growth.

The company, which started operations in 2018, also wants to attract talent. It has created more than 100 new positions in Singapore over the past two years due to its rapid growth. To prepare future talent for the shipping industry, ONE is also working with the Maritime Foundation of Singapore and the Maritime Ports Authority to provide scholarships and internship programs.

Beyond hard skills, ONE’s platform also offers staff the opportunity to learn soft skills essential for success in the workplace.

As part of the company’s roadmap to developing a pipeline of future leaders, a senior executive, for example, can develop project management and presentation skills with the goal of becoming a manager.