House of waffles in the shape of Rio’s genitalia ordered to cover an explicit sign and not to be sold to minors

In a Rio de Janeiro pastry shop, customers line up to buy waffles – but the chocolate-covered treats have a peculiarity that is causing controversy in Brazil: they are shaped like penises. Since the opening of the “Putaria” pastry shop last month in the upscale Ipanema Beach district, it has attracted a constant flow of titillated customers, but also the disapproval of some neighbors, who have challenged the authorities. This week, the Justice Department’s consumer protection agency ordered the store and similar businesses across the country to suspend sales to minors of “all products that replicate or suggest the shape of human genitalia and/or parts of the body with a sexual, erotic or pornographic connotation”. He also banned them from displaying the products in store windows and ordered them to remove any signs containing words or images referring to them. The store has placed pink fabric on its sign – matching the interior decor – but does not appear to have lost customers to the kerfuffle. Inside, customers laughed and took pictures with the waffles of their choice – phallus or vulva – against a backdrop of neon signs with phrases such as “Tastier than your ex”.