Guns, schools and myths | Staff/guest columns

All of us gun advocates and anti-guns have been overcome with grief and unbearable sadness at the loss of so many innocent people at the hands of young men wielding high-powered guns. We know the statistics of gun violence here in the United States. We are witnessing, year after year, day after day, the injuries and murders of an increasing number of our fellow citizens, but the number of victims and murders continues to increase. Everyone, even avid gun owners, knows what to do; unfortunately, several GOP leaders will have none. Fortunately, Congress recently passed a woefully inadequate gun control bill for the first time since the Brady bill in 1993.

These same leaders and many bona fide gun owners have offered several responses to the gun crisis. The main ones are best classified as myths.

Tony McNevin is a member of the Task Force on Democracy Education for America. He resides in Gettysburg. Opinions are his own.