Boston Red Sox must re-sign Xander Bogaerts

As the trade deadline has passed, the Boston Red Sox, led by Chaim Bloom, chose “Buy and sell”. Whether he was particularly successful at either of those things is another story, but we’ll stick with that for now.

While several key players who needed to be dealt, such as JD Martinez and Nathan Eovaldi, stayed in town on deadline day, a much bigger domino was cleared in the days leading up to deadline. After months of speculation over his future in Beantown, shortstop Xander Bogaerts has stuck around and is expected to play rope for the Boston Red Sox.

A season of rumors for the Boston Red Sox

Of course, all Red Sox fans are familiar with this sequence of events by now. On his first signing with big money at work, Chaim Bloom called on the shortstop Trevor’s Story. From the moment the signing was announced, the rumor mill started swirling, spewing stories of Bogaerts leaving after the season, if not sooner.

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The Red Sox’s up-and-down season has done nothing to calm things down, even though Bogaerts is among the league leaders in batting average. But then, as the Red Sox season hovered around the drain, a crazy thing happened: the Sox didn’t trade him.

What is the Boston Red Sox’s plan for Xander Bogaerts?

At this point, Chaim Bloom better pony up and pay Bogaerts at the end of the year. My position on this has been clear from the start. There are several reasons for this, and among the most important, sentimentality. He’s a Boston Red Sox, a local superstar. It would stink to see him anywhere else, especially with the New York Yankees being a potential landing spot.

But since emotion has no place in the Bloom-iverse we’re now stuck in, here are some cold hard facts. First, there’s no arguing that the Red Sox will be a better team with Trevor Story in the short term, Xander Bogaerts gone and a newcomer at second base. Like, none. At all. Some of us may have grown numb, but we truly witness greatness every day with Bogaerts.

If the Boston Red Sox are truly committed to being among the best in the league, and not just making big profits, losing a perennial All-Star and Silver Slugger does nothing to achieve that goal.

Second, letting Bogie go for nothing goes against everything Bloom supposedly stands for. Don’t believe for a second that the Red Sox front office actually believes this team can compete this year, because they can’t. Their difficulties after the deadline only confirm this.

So, in a doomed season, why wouldn’t the cold, calculated Bloom not capitalize on its best asset to stock the farming system more, which sometimes seems like all it wants to do? The only explanation is that he has visions of bringing Bogaerts back, right? It’s the only possibility that makes sense to me, because again, it definitely wasn’t goal-based for this year.

Re-signing Xander Bogaerts is the No. 1 priority for the Boston Red Sox

By the deadline, Bloom had a decision to make. And whatever direction he chose, he had to go in it. Either sell and recover assets or engage in this group go forward, that is to say beyond this season. Keeping Bogaerts for two months of non-competitive baseball just to let him go for free hurts the team down the road. It would be unforgivable. His only choice now is to re-sign the Red Sox shortstop, nothing else will make his deadline acceptable.

From the day he was hired, Bloom has been a lightning rod for Sox fans. Many like him, but also many don’t believe in his vision. But now Bloom has officially made up his mind on Xander Bogaerts, and he better see it, or the calls for his work are only going to get louder.