An end-to-end solution for expert-level after-sales service and support

Exosite, LLC, a leading provider in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market, announced the partnership between HMS Networks and Exosite which offers OEM equipment manufacturers and machine builders an end-to-end hardware and software solution. OEMs can apply their expertise to configure and deliver Day 1 Value to achieve the information, actions, and instructions needed for expert-level after-sales service and support.

Traditional approaches to obtaining expert-level service typically result from meeting the specific needs of their loudest or most strategic customers (often after the fact) and are resource-intensive, expensive, complex, and lack scalability or repeatability. . To serve their entire customer base or unlock new business while keeping profitability and revenue growth in mind, a technology-based solution is needed.

The partnership between Exosite and HMS Networks provides this technology solution, allowing companies to focus on applying their industry expertise and harnessing real-world data from their machinery or equipment to create insights, visualization , compelling reporting and automation – a force multiplier for their service and support teams to achieve better, more cost effective and efficient results, before their customers experience an operational issue.

ExoSite’s ExoSense® IoT app allows users to monitor equipment health and performance, manage user and asset groups, create custom insights and dashboards, and set alerts and notifications. Customized and deployed without the need for a software developer, ExoSense enables customers to see the immediate value of the Murano® platform with no coding experience required. Combined with the Ewon Flexy, which offers exceptional flexibility and ease of use, customers are able to securely transfer data from any major API vendor to ExoSense. If the asset has a PLC, the communication solution is complete. No automaton? No problem, Flexy can directly capture data from sensors, including 4-20mA sensors, serial devices, and most Ethernet-based devices. Some example use cases include remote condition monitoring, waste/water management, and preventive maintenance in industrial automation.

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