Aeroauto and ALI Technologies sign a partnership agreement for the sale of the XTURISMO

STUART, FL/ACCESSWIRE/July 12, 2022/ AEROAUTO ( further strengthens its dominance in the EVTOL/UAM industry while another manufacturer, partnering with them, recognizes the superior sales and service that will be provided to their customers. Aeroauto Sales & Service Center facilitates the newest form of luxury transportation that radically transforms the movement of people and their cargo. Aeroauto Aeromall and ALI Technologies ( announced today that they have combined resources to bring the XTURISMO Limited Edition Hover Bike to the United States from Tokyo, Japan. Following its US debut at the Detroit Auto Show in September, the XTURISMO will be on display at Aeroauto’s showroom and flight academy at Stuart Florida’s Witham Field with Sky Blue Jet Aviation ( The limited edition XTURISMO will be showcased and Aeroauto will take reservations of $50,000 for its purchase with delivery expected in October 2022. This latest partnership secures Aeroauto’s place as the leader in EVTOL/Urban Air Mobility sales at worldwide.

ALITechnologies has secured a place in the Aeroauto showroom with its Hover Bike XTURISMO which will be sold to both private use customers and municipalities. Municipal use may include police crowd control, search and rescue, shoreline rescue services, and forest and water management. ALI Technologies will change its name to AERWINS Technologies and will soon relocate its headquarters to the United States, bringing the XTURISMO to American shores permanently. “Associating with ALI Technologies creates a whole new realm of opportunity for Aeroauto with very different areas of use for the public and, more excitingly, state and county municipalities to use in tandem with their other vehicles. We are extremely excited to hear that they will be coming to the United States and we will help them as much as possible for a smooth transition” Sean Borman, CEO The Hover Bike XTURISMO is capable of payloads of 150 kg, at heights of cruise below 25 feet for up to 60 minutes at speeds up to 60 miles per hour.Runned with the same technique as a jet ski, the hover bike has protective fairings protecting both the rider and pedestrians on the ground .

Aeroauto is the world’s leading urban air mobility showroom and dealership. Bringing ALI Technologies from Japan is one more opportunity to expose to the industry and those who have sought to see the future of transportation finally realized. “We focus on the Middle East and the United States as regions to develop new technologies from the perspective of all resources” Shuhei KOMATSU, CEO, A.LI. Technologies. Aeroauto is currently building its one-of-a-kind high-tech showroom and service center to provide the gold standard of sales and service to all new members of their family. Aeroauto’s Aeromalls are the first physical malls in the world entirely dedicated to the UAM sector. The new Aeroauto dealership will be a space where customers can discover the different innovative products of the eVTOL world and their services with a direct approach. In the showroom, experts help visitors obtain all the necessary information to guide them in the purchase of their vehicle, whether for personal or commercial use. Their expert mechanics will also be on hand to solve your problems, carry out repairs and help customers with the customization of their vehicle. Aeroauto will establish close relationships with each of its consumers through the training, personalization and maintenance of its vehicles of the future. Aeroauto will be the sole North American provider of specialized services for these new vehicles. “We are extremely fortunate to have this wonderful partnership with ALI Technologies as their only North American Brand Ambassador. The XTURISMO has solved many areas of municipal services and AERWINS has become visionary in its pursuit of the future of travel,” says Borman.

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