$4.65 billion for the Broncos is just a sign of things to come

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The value of NFL teams is increasing. And it will continue to rise. And until. And until.

As explained in playmakers (which continues to be available for much less than an NFL franchise), some believe that the average random team will eventually be worth $8-10 billion.

This is an important point for players to remember when negotiating with the league. Even though the money that goes through the cash register is split roughly 50-50 between management and workers, the players have no capital. The owners have everything.

Broncos kicker Brandon McManusa member of the executive committee of the NFL Players Association, addressed the dynamics of rising franchise values ​​on Thursday.

“That’s the nature of this business,” McManus told reporters, via quotes distributed by the team. “In [2018] the [Carolina] The panthers sold out, and it’s more than double. Baseball was the American game, but I don’t think it’s close now. Football prints money, and it will continue. The salary cap keeps going [up]TV rights keep rolling [up]. The game has only just begun. The values ​​of these teams will continue to skyrocket, I believe.

He just believes. Before too long, $4.65 billion will look like a bargain. The next team for sale will likely hit $5 billion, especially since Josh Harris (as we reported) would have paid $5 billion for the Broncos had he known that offer would have secured the team.

As we also reported, this would not have been the case. The Walton-Penner group would have bet more than 5 billion dollars. And they would have continued, perhaps beyond $5.5 billion.

Whatever the final price, McManus realizes the benefit of having a real owner again.

“Any corporate structure is great when you have someone in place to lead and follow, and someone our senior executives can lean on,” McManus said. “With Robin [Walton] and the Walton-Penner group coming here, I’m glad to have direction. By their trading standards, I know the accountability they will have at the top, and they will hold everyone to it to get us back on the winning paths I was hoping to achieve.

Simms and I broached the topic at Thursday’s conference Live PFT. The quality of a team’s owner and their willingness and ability to finance the exploitation of football are essential to the success of the team. Or the lack of.

For the Broncos, it’s good news to have been bought by one of the richest men in the world. By a man in Rob Walton who would become by far the wealthiest owner in the NFL. He will likely give the front office the resources it needs to put a great team on the field. And that will make the Broncos real contenders again, ending a dry spell that began after Peyton Manning retired.